National Monitoring and Evaluation Network of the Kyrgyz Republic

Establishment of the Kyrgyz M&E Network in 2007 was preconditioned by several historic events that took place in the KyrgyzRepublic over the past twenty years.  The first major shift occurred when the country gained independence in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  As an independent nation KyrgyzRepublic had to start the process of strategic planning at various levels of public administration.  Both the first country development plan (National Poverty Reduction Strategy – NPRS – 2002-2005) and the second strategic policy document (Country Development Strategy, CDS, 2006-2008) contained monitoring and evaluation sections. More importantly both of these strategic policy documents were developed with participation of civil society organizations.
Network’s activities helped all its participants to contribute to creation of a sustainable country and sector-level M&E system, and become part of international and regional M&E communities. Besides the Network served as a platform for information sharing, offered opportunities for participation in various studies, programs, and projects.
Strategy and Implementation
The mission statement formulated during establishment of the Network in 2007 was ‘to build the institution of professional evaluation and expertise in the KyrgyzRepublic’.
Network’s long-term goals include the following:
  • Strengthen and promote professional evaluation and expertise as important mechanism of raising effectiveness of social projects;
  • Contribute to creation of conditions for evaluation of programs and projects in the KyrgyzRepublic; and
  • Raise quality of socio-economic projects and programs implementation in the KyrgyzRepublic.
Progress and results to date include the following:
The Network represents collective interests of various institutions and individuals in the field of M&E;
Network presents a platform for information sharing, and professional growth of network members;
Network represents Kyrgyzstan in the international arena in the field of M&E;
Network members actively take part in forming the country-level M&E system, and evaluation of government performance;
Network members have managed to establish constructive contact with ever changing government bodies (Government, President’s Office) and maintain communication with key ministries.
Regional coverage of Network members has improved, and now includes representatives from various provinces of Kyrgyzstan.
Network members use the skills and knowledge that they receive through Network training events to implement private contracts (projects and programs).
In addition to Kyrgyzstan-based evaluators, Network’s mailing list includes evaluators from neighboring Tajikistan.