Armenian Monitoring and Evaluation Association (AMEA)

Mission: Armenian Monitoring and Evaluation Association (AMEA) aims at promoting transparency and accountability culture in Armenia for informed policy making.
AMEA is informal network of professionals established in 2014 and does not have formalized governance structure yet. There are 10 active professionals ready to devote their time and efforts for establishment and development of AMEA. There are no available sources of financing currently. All work is done on voluntary basis. In 2014-2015 AMEA implemented grant project for VOPEs from IOCE to Improve Local Governance System in Armenia.  
Main objectives of AMEA are: 
- Develop and establish M&E Systems in public and private sectors, 
- Enhance evidence base and knowledge management in M&E sector through development, translation and publication of guidelines, handbooks and other relevant materials,
- Further in-country/regional/international networking and experience exchange among M&E practitioners.
- Promote education, training on evaluation theory and practice aimed at advancing qualification of field practitioners, state and non-state entities,
- Establish web-based project performance management systems, 
- Provide consultancy on program/project design, monitoring and 
- Lead social research, 
- Provide methodological guidance to social research entities active in 
the field 
- Champion contextualization and application of world leading M&E 
- Institutionalize M&E theory and practices through development of curricula for and in cooperation with academic institutions,
Membership: AMEA is open for evaluation practitioners who are interested to contribute in development of M&E practices and capacities in Armenia.